Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Vacation!!

Hi everyone!!

Feels like I am blogging after years!! It's been so long , and I missed it the most.  I had been very busy with a lot of things, and school being the first.  Finally finals are over, and now I am preparing to go back home for my winter vacation with my sister.  It is gonna be such a great trip.  I can't wait to get there and do all the things I want to.  Yay!!

Anyways that was the news...I am sure a lot of you are still taking your finals and a lot of us are done already...yeppie!!!  Good luck to those who are still taking finals this week.  Hang in there!!  Christmas break is waiting for ya'll... a month long of no books!!

So today I posted pics of when I went shopping for some presents for my parents and cousins back home.

Here you go I hope you like it!

Purse: Jessica Simpson
Shoes: Shoe deals
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe
Hat: Forever 21

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog after so long.

Tip # 9:  I know everybody is experiencing chapped lips right now.  After all its winter time and I would suggest not buying flavored lip balms, which may increase irritation by encouraging you to lick your lips, and also try avoiding the medicated ones as well, they may cause allergic reactions.

Tip # 10: If anyone has "chicken skin" (goose-bump) like appearance, keratosis pilaris affects, the doctors recommend intensive moisturizing, applying lotion after shower every time.  You should apply lotion several other times daily to keep your skin smooth and slowly you can get rid of the chicken skin.

XOXO Richa