Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fashion show/Product Review/Dark spot treatment?

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I have some news to share with you all, some outfit ideas, product reviews PRODUCT THAT EVEN GUYS MIGHT LOVE..:) and of course your favorite health and beauty tips.  I had a request which I will be featuring on my tips sections....

So, the news is...this past weekend was ANA(Association of Nepalese in America) Fashion Extravaganza 2012, a great fashion show for all the fashion lovers.  I was working with the fashion team as a makeup artist, and had one of the best experience in my life.  I had an amazing team with the most gorgeous models, and enjoyed myself.  This is the outfit I wore for the show.  I was going for more of a 60's look with this outfit and hair, for makeup I decided to go for more of a summery look so I played with a lot of colors. The show was a hit. Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped make this show a success.  Here is the look... I hope you will enjoy...

My Sister and I 

So, this last weekend I went out with my best friend and my sister.  Here is the look, I was playing with colors here as well...Opposite colors in the color wheel go great together...I hope you will like it...

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Pacific Sunwear
Jewelery: Clairs

This week I have a product review for yall...yay..

Have you heard of BB creams or Beauty Balms?  These are creams anyone can use even GUYS. These are skin corrector which can be used alone and is supposed to do the work for a moisturizer, primer, foundation, skin tone corrector and what not....BB creams first started in Asia, so when it became very popular among people there, it came up here in the US.

I personally think BB creams are great and it gives you that light coverage, and interesting thing is, even guys find this easy to use and helpful because it is just one tube that does it all.  So, guys if you have any special event to go to, then you can use BB cream to correct and smooth out your skin with the least coverage you want.

GIRLS if you don't wanna do foundation everyday then go for BB creams. You can also set this with your powder. 

There are a lot of BB creams to choose from.  I have tried sephora, smashbox, clinique, estee lauder ones and those all work great according to your skin type.  You can choose anyone you like.  The review I have today is the drug store BB cream called Loreal Studio Secret Magic Skin Beautifier, the BB cream.  This product does a really good job on dry, to combination skin if used with a moisturizer.  I would not recommend this on any oily skin, because it does make u dewy, so u might look shinier throughout the day.  This product worked for me, it does exactly what the packaging says it does.  It gave me a light coverage which is what I want for summer.  Please do not try this if you are quickly reactive to new products or if you have acne prone skin.  It worked for my skin type and I am a combination.

Tip # 14:  I had a request from one of my readers about pigmentation/dark spots. You can slowly minimize those pigmentation. It is always a good idea to go to your doctor and ask for a skin lightener, but something that can be helpful is a product containing hydroquinone. Also products containing vitamin C brightens your skin, and licorice may help as well.  These ingredients will also be helpful when you are choosing that eye cream that you always wanted to get.  So, look for these when you are buying your skin lightener creams or an eye cream for dark circles.

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  1. Hey great post & guess wot we have same name... Thanks for the tip on dark spots & yea I've heard a lot of good things abt BB creams haven't tried out yet. I've heard asian ones ar the best.
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