Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!!

Hi Everyone!!
I hope everyone is doing well today!  I am sure everyone did something on this day of love!
I did not do a whole lot, but had a productive day!

Anyways I would like to share this another outfit with you all!!  What would be a better day to wear those pink tights hiding in your closet than Valentine's Day!!Right?  I wore it to enjoy this day of love and would like to share it with you!!

You can post your pictures of your outfit on Valentine's day in my twitter-- follow at   richathapart

You can also leave a link on my blog on the comments section.  I would love to see your ideas, I know they are amazing!

Here you go:

Boots:  A shoe store in Nepal
Tights: Forever 21
Scarf: Pashmina from Nepal
Clutch: Jessica Simpson

Tips for the winter:  Its winter and everyone is experiencing dry skin, if you have no time to apply body lotion to your body or if your feel lazy after the shower, put few drops of olive oil or almond oil in your bath water and you are done.  It works like your body lotion and prevents skin from drying.
Before going to bed scrub your lips with a wash cloth and rub almond oil to prevent dry and chapped lips.

I hope you enjoy my blog

 XOXO Richa

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