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Friday, October 7, 2011

Colors make me happy !!

Hello readers!!
How have you guys been? I was so busy yesterday with my friend's wedding!! It was such a beautiful moment for my friend and his wife. We had so much fun. I wish them all the best for their future.

The temple(church) part was in the morning and the reception in the evening, so the whole day we were changing outfits, enjoying the company, and just having a good time. All my out of town friends came for this wedding which made it more special and fun!

This is what I wore to the wedding. I hope you guys will enjoy this!!
Also, please let me know what would you guys like me to blog about, so that I can try to post what you guys want.

This is a red saree, red is a color usually worn at weddings in the temple. It is a must have color for weddings in our culture!!

This is how I had my hair for the wedding, very curly. I used an inch curling iron from hot tool for my hair.

This is how the back my outfit looked.

This is my sister and I during the reception. Her saree has beautiful colors that compliment her skin tone.

Picture of the Bride, Groom and some friends.

I am wearing green because it compliments my skin. I have a warm undertone.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Keep checking for other exciting posts, and please do let me know through facebook, email, or my blog, what you guys want me to feature in my next blog.
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Goodnight! I love you all !!