Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are You Loosing hair too?

Guys and Girls I am sure everyone has gone through this phase sometime in their lives!! Since my blog will be featuring any beauty, fashion, health, skincare, style, hair related things, today I thought of posting something related to hair care. I was loosing hair a while back!! Like a lot...Well may be 45-50 strands a day?? I know, I know that is normal.. up to 100 hairs a day is natural!! But, u know your heart breaks when you see hair in your shower right? Mine does!! So, I knew I had to do something!! I researched and took a class with an esthetician about it. I learnt so much from that class. Then, I went ahead and bought few things for my hair, and for my diet too!! Because I want my hair to grow long and healthy, and most of you know I have grown my hair to a certain length now, and it is all because of my dedication to these products, and staying away from heating tools!!! I style my hair with heating tools only on special occasion like parties, or weddings!! Otherwise I stay away from them at all means!! I am gonna feature some of the products here because I am starting to loose hair again!! So, I had went to Armstrong Mcall, to get these!! I hope those of you suffering from this issue will find this helpful!!
(This is Olive oil, good for a hot scalp massage, recommended once every week)
( Almond oil serves the same purpose)
(Coconut oil for the same purpose)
(This is Nioxin Shampoo, which is very good for thinning hair, my number is 5, I know it is a bit expebsive but I think it's worth it)
(This is conditioner that goes with it)
(This is the scalp treatment for intensive hair loss)
(This is my most recommended product, and works wonders with your hair, it is a leave in conditioner, to improve the quality of your hair!! This is optional)
(This is how my hair looks now, with the help of these products) This worked for me, I hope it works for you too, if not you might wanna see a doctor. You can find all these products in a hair salon or at your drug store!! Licenced Cosmetologists or Esthetician can find these cheap at Armstrong Mccall !! Have a blessed day!!. XOXO Richa


  1. girll I love your blog!! I'm telling you, you're gonna top dulce candy some day ;) as for shedding, I don't think anyone sheds as much as I do. 3/4 of my hair is gone and no, I'm not exaggerating! I've tried all the products you've listed, nioxin made me shed my hair even more. I guess it's really time to go see a dermatologist! But your hair is freakin GORGEOUSSSS!

  2. Thank you Prajeena!! I am so sorry nothing worked for you!!Have you tried Rogain for Women? Or any of the hair building fibers? I stuck to Nioxin for a long time and it did help me a lot, but ofcourse you are shedding way too much!! Try those products or go see the Derm!! :) Good Luck, and work on it soon!!

  3. Hi Richa! Love your blog. Very Nice. I wanted to let you know that I love my hair very much too! I use some of the natural products, such as Olive Oil and Coconut Oil on a weekly basis. But, I was hoping to try the new products too! Where do you find it? And, what kind of shampoo do you use? Good to see you starting this! Love, Lalita

  4. Lalita,
    Thank you for the love!!
    You can find these products in any hair salon, u can go to the mall too!! I use just any shampoo from the salon, but I have used Nioxin before and am using it now!! You can also find these products online if you have no luck finding them in your nearest mall or hair salon!!