Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tired of the same old look?

Hello my wonderful readers!!

I had such a long day today!! Had so many things to do. Actually my friend is getting married tomorrow, so had to run a lot of places to get things done, plus I had to get my outfit ready for the temple(church) part and the reception. And had to get my sister's outfit together too. So...basically I was just running around!!

Another thing I wanted to share with you is about the festival going on in my culture. Some of my readers are celebrating, and know about this but my other readers might find it interesting. I also wanted to expose a little bit of my culture through my blog :)

This festival is called Dashain and is 10 days long. In short it is like Christmas for us, very big and special. We celebrate it with our families and friends, and tomorrow will be the main day to seek blessing from elders. We play cards, eat a lot of food, party, wear nice and new clothes, etc.. If you want to know more about dashain visit, and search for Dashain.

Now lets get to the fun part of this blog, ARE YOU TIRED OF WEARING THE SAME STYLE EVERYDAY?
I am sure everyone owns a pair of shorts, a simple top, and converse. So instead of wearing it just like that and plain, SPICE IT UP LADIES!!

You can spice up your simple top and shorts with some black tights. It makes the outfit sexier but at the same time the converse gives it an edgier look. You can find this tight at any clothing store at the mall.

You can add a little flavor to your outfit by adding the waist coat.

You can also add accessories to your outfit which will add up that extra fun to your look.

Are you also tired of just wearing that shirt you own with some jeans? You can modify your look by wearing it with some black leggings and sinching your plain shirt with some belt to give it a more sophisticated and girly look, shown by my sister here. Also, add accessories of your choice!!

I hope you will like this look, and will be able to try it!! I am sure you have all these items in your closet, and they just need to be worn a little differently!! :)
Happy Dashain to Everyone. Enjoy



  1. Hmmmm Thanx a lot Fashion Guru will sure try this out..!!!

  2. please post some of your party looks ... need severe help soon :))