Friday, October 21, 2011

I guess Birthday's are Special!!

Hello all you beautiful people!!

I know I have not been able to stay updated with you guys. I am so sorry, had so many things going on! And on that test I told you about, I think I did alright, well actually so much better than I thought!! lol

So, Yesterday was my Birthday, :) My friends came to my house to surprise me and made it so special for me. So, today's blog is about what I wore after they came in.
I din't have time to actually pick out my outfit, so I just went to my closet and threw this on, and accessorized it with some belt, rings, bracelet, and earrings. I din't do my hair, because my friends were rushing me. Anyways, I hope you will like this look, even though I did not put a lot of thoughts on it. lol

I hope you like it, and keep checking back for new updates..coming soon...

Tip # 2: Have you ever noticed breaking out after you have been using a new product, a new moisturizer, or lotion?? And you just stopped using it cause the only difference in your skin care routine was that new product? If you have then, look for products that say "Non-Comedogenic" meaning they will not clog your pores on the bottle. They will not break you out. Your day cream and your night cream both has to be non-comedogenic.

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  1. happy birthday.. u look <3 ly... awesome style sweet n simple...

  2. Happy Birthday Dear..

    Richa_loverBoy.. :-)

  3. Thank you, can I have your name please!!