Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dressing it up or dressing it down? #2

Hi Everyone,

I have been busy lately with my tests and stuff. I have a test in my Audit class on thursday, and its gonna be a hard test :((. Which is why I have not been an active blogger. I will still try to post updated looks for you. But, if I am not blogging you know why right? lol

I have been getting many requests and questions on outfits, skincare, and haircare. I will slowly be answering those questions and posting your requests.

Today, I did a look on a plain white dress. You know that a plain white dress is a must have for every girl right? This dress is very casual, but you can dress it up for a party, night out, dinner date or any other occasion. Or you can dress it down with some jeans and a cardigan, which you can wear for a lunch date, movies, shopping, somewhere casual. I hope my friend who requested it finds this look helpful for the party she has to go to and I hope you can find it helpful as well <3 Dress: Forever 21, Shoes: Macy's Cardigan: Pacific Sunwear : Accessories: Clairs and murano glass

Dress : The same dress, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Belt: 5,7,9 Accessories : Clairs and forever 21

I hope you will enjoy this!! And send me more of your requests, and all comments are welcome. Always wanting to learn more.

Tip Number 1: Use Moisturizer with at least SPF 30 to prevent your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. To prevent aging later you have to use sunscreen with SPF everyday. This will also prevent you from dark spots, hyper pigmentation later in the years.

XOXO Richa


  1. Lovely, thank u so much for this wonderful idea....
    it helps me find a dress for my upcoming party!!very elegant, and simple hair do and makeup :)) my kind .. god bless u !

    keep posting n do well in yr audit exam..


  2. First of all i MUST complement u.....WOW!! u look so awesome,cute,sexy ......specially in that pic dress it up u look like a doll and in dress it down u look stunning!!!
    And ya that was quite a useful idea there will surely try that out and keep up with this ideas helping a lot of luck gurl!!